Preventing Social Isolation In Assisted Living Facilities

If your senior loved one is unable to live independently at home, you may need to consider an assisted living facility. While almost all seniors who enter facilities adjust to their new surroundings rather quickly, some aging adults may be hesitant to come out of their rooms, which can cause social isolation. Fortunately, the staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities take steps to help ensure that the residents stay socially engaged and active.

Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Orthopedic Care

When your aging loved one is in need of orthopedic care, they may not exhibit an immediate sign of needing special care. An orthopedic program may be available at your loved one's nursing home or assisted living center, or maybe a specialized program that can be given to them via a doctor's referral. As soon as you notice that your aging loved one may be in need of special care, it's important to get them the medical assistance they need quickly.

The Importance Of Wound Care After A Pressure Sore Or Surgery

Taking good care of a wound is always important, but for those that are medically fragile, wound care can be lifesaving. When an individual has a wound that results from consistent contact with a bed, for example, it can be very difficult for them to heal. Constant vigilance is needed to keep the wound from getting deeper. For those with a compromised immune system or trouble healing because of conditions like diabetes, wound care services make it possible to heal damaged tissue and avoid further complications.