Why More Seniors Are Choosing Home Care Over Assisted Living

If your loved one is getting to the age where they need a little help, it's time to look at options. While assisted living facilities are always an option, maybe your loved one isn't quite ready for that yet. Here is how maintaining a lifestyle at home can be a good choice moving forward. 

Cost Effectiveness

According to GenWorth, the average median cost for Assisted Living is around $4500 a month. This is a great option if your loved one needs some supervisory or light medical care, but it can get pricey. Senior home care is a good option because the assistance can come from a variety of sources. This includes: 

  • Family and friends helping with respite care, cleaning, and food prep.
  • Food delivery service.
  • Local Department on Aging to assist with ADLs and home health aide services.
  • Private nursing care may be covered under Medicare and some private insurance plans.

Depending on the budget, combining a variety of services can be a cost-effective alternative to nursing home or assisted living care. 

Thriving In A Home Environment

Sometimes being at home is all someone needs to thrive in their daily life. A comfortable environment surrounded by the familiarities of home can be all it takes to make the Golden Years sustainable and memorable. 

This could be spending time in a flower garden or patio area that your loved one enjoyed for years. Or having access to their kitchen to heat up and enjoy a meal at their own dining room table. It allows for more hands-on care from loved ones and friends who still want to help and be a part of your loved one's life. The only caveat is that the home must be set up to meet their needs. This may include a wheelchair ramp, or mobility assist bars near the toilet and in the shower. 

Customized Care

When you are in charge of your loved one's care at home, it allows you to customize their care. Maybe they are still independent and mobile enough to visit their doctor on a routine basis. This eliminates nursing care at home, which can be very cost-effective. 

If your loved one still remains able to cook and shower on their own, they may only need senior home care services periodically. This helps keep costs down. Be sure that your loved one has some form of security, such as wearing a life-alert necklace. This will assist them should they need immediate help. It also brings you peace of mind. 

Making sure your loved one's personal care needs are met is important. There are many care options for seniors, but staying at home is important for many. Explore the different options while you make an informed decision together. Here is to many happy memories to be made. For more information on senior home care, contact a professional near you.