Consider An Assisted Living Facility When You Don't Feel Safe At Home

If you're in your senior years and you're starting to feel unsafe living alone, then it may be time to consider assisted living. While you may love your own home, you might feel more secure and be happier if you lived in a setting where you could get help quickly if you ever need it. Here are some reasons to think about making the move to assisted living. You'll Have Help If You Fall Or Get Sick

3 Key Tips When Selecting A Senior Care Living Facility For Your Loved One

At some point, your elderly loved one may no longer be able to take care of themselves. If you're already balancing a busy work and personal schedule, you'll need to find them an appropriate senior care living facility. Choosing the perfect one will be a smooth and easy process thanks to these tips.  Gather Referrals  Chances are, someone you know has been in the exact same position as your family. Whether it's friends or co-workers, they can give referrals that point you in the right direction.

Has Your Elderly Parent Been Diagnosed With Failure To Thrive?

Failure to thrive generally means that the elderly person has lost the ability to maintain their physical or emotional strength. It is a term that is often used to describe elderly adults that were previously active, but are now socially withdrawn, depressed and lonely. This condition is often the result of various issues, such as chronic disease, poor appetite, emotional deprivation or physical decline. There are several physical and emotional issues that may lead to failure to thrive, including inactivity, falls and poor nutrition.

3 Tips When Your Parent Is In Short-Term Rehabilitation After A Fall

Learning that your aging parent has fallen, been injured and is now in short-term rehabilitation is alarming. You want your parent to be okay physically, but you most likely also want to know how to help them prevent future falls and accidents. Here are a few tips for navigating this unique situation: Help Fall-Proof Their Home It's not possible to eliminate the risk of falls, but you can certainly do things around their home to make it safer and decrease the risk.

How Assisted Living Services Can Provide You With Support While Living With COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) makes it hard to breathe. This disease can damage the tissues in your lungs and cause limited airflow. This results in having severe shortness of breath. COPD is also progressive, which means long-term problems with bronchitis and emphysema. If your elderly parent has COPD, then it is going to be hard for your parent to do normal activities. Read on to find out how assisted living services can provide someone with support while living with COPD.