3 Things To Help Your Senior Parent Stay Safer While Living At Home

If you are starting to worry about your senior parent living alone at home but do not feel like a move to a retirement home is necessary quite yet, you may want to take a few steps to offer your parent stay safer. Here are three different options you may want to do that would help your parent stay safer, and that may help you worry less.

Clean up the house

Seniors often experience trouble performing housework, and this can leave a person's house cluttered. When there is clutter around, it can be harder for seniors to get around. They may have a higher risk of tripping over things and falling, and this can lead to injuries. If possible, clean up the clutter in your parent's home and get rid of unnecessary things. Your goal should be to make sure your parent is able to easily get through all the rooms in his or her home.

Install grab bars in the home

A second good step to take is installing grab bars in the home. Grab bars are mounted on walls and are great for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas. When a senior has grab bars to hold on to, he or she will have a way to stay safer when getting up and down from things, such as a bed, toilet, or couch. Grab bars offer a way for seniors to have support, and this can help seniors stay safer while living at home.

Hire a home healthcare agency to provide services

The other step you should consider taking is hiring a company to provide services for your parent in his or her home. These are called home healthcare services, and these are ideal for anyone that needs extra help at home. A home healthcare worker can come as often as you would like and can do a variety of different things. This can include helping your parent bathe, eat, and get their medications.

A home healthcare worker can also make sure your parent has the things he or she needs. For example, your parent might benefit from having a walker to use while moving from room to room, and a home healthcare worker could help you get one for your parent.

Many seniors prefer staying at home for as long as possible, and this can be possible with some minor changes. If you would like to learn more about services made available by home healthcare agencies, call one in your city today.

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