Does Your Parent Experience These Personal Care Issues? Assisted Living May Be The Solution

One of the unfortunate parts of the aging process is that personal care can become a struggle for many people. Whether the person has experienced diminished eyesight or dexterity, or has lost a spouse and no longer feels motivated to care for himself or herself, personal care can suffer. You may notice that your elderly parent is in this situation. While you can express your concerns and even attempt to help the matter by visiting daily, the reality is that you may need a long-term solution. In many cases, assisted living can be the answer. By relocating into an assisted living home like Stillwaters Colonial Residence, your parent will be surrounded by staff who can help in this manner. Here are some personal care issues that should compel you to consider assisted living.

Wearing Dirty Clothing

It can be a concern if your elderly parent isn't wearing fresh clothing each day. Whether he or she has spilled food on his or her shirt and hasn't changed it, or has incontinence issues but isn't changing his or her pants after each accident, these things can be a problem. Your parent might not feel good wearing dirty clothing, and family members may be unsettled about spending time with him or her if odors are present. In an assisted living home, the staff will take care of your parent's laundry needs so that dirty clothing is no longer an issue.

Infrequent Grooming

While elderly people might not take the same fastidious approach to grooming that younger people do, you want to see that your parent is taking care of himself or herself. If your parent is grooming only infrequently — perhaps not shaving, wearing deodorant, or brushing/combing his or her hair, it's a concern. While these habits may bother those around your parent, he or she may also not feel good about not looking his or her best. While staff at the assisted living home can help in this manner, it's also possible that your parent will be uplifted about the new environment and be more conscientious about grooming.

Messiness At Home

Personal care doesn't just relate to clothing and grooming. If your parent lives independently and you're noticing that his or her home isn't clean, this is an issue. For example, food scraps left out or spills that are ignored can make the home smell bad, attract pests, and even potentially make the house harder to eventually sell in certain cases. In assisted living, your parent will enjoy having his or her room cleaned regularly.