Reasons For Couples To Move Into Assisted Living

Many elderly people who move into assisted living homes do so following the death of their spouse. Living at home may be too emotionally challenging or may be too difficult on one's own, prompting the move towards living assistance. If you're elderly and married, however, you may wish to consider moving into assisted living together. Whether you get a small unit or opt for a suite with multiple bedrooms, there are a number of different reasons for you to make this move now. Here are some reasons to consider.

You'll Expand Your Social Circle

For elderly couples who live at home, it may be difficult to enjoy a broad social circle. Whether you've had friends pass away, you're no longer comfortable driving to outings more than necessary, or a combination of the two, you may find that you spend most of your spare time at home. While it's nice to be in each other's company, you might also desire to make friends — including other couples of a similar age who share the same types of interests as you. This can be easy when you move into an assisted living home.

You'll Enjoy More Time Together

Many elderly people tire of the time investment in keeping up their home. Tasks such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, outside tasks, and other such issues can leave each of you constantly on the run. This might not be what you expected to experience in your "golden years." When you move into assisted living, the above tasks can be looked after by staff. This leaves you and your spouse with more time to enjoy together, whether it's having tea by your window each morning, taking an afternoon walk through the grounds, or flipping through old photo albums and talking about pleasant family memories.

You'll Better Manage Your Budget

If you're on a fixed income and find that it's a challenge to stay within your budget, assisted living might be the right move. Whereas living at home can cost a different amount each month — for example, a dead furnace or a leaky roof will quickly blow your budget for the month — this won't be a concern in assisted living. In this living environment, you'll pay a set monthly fee for your accommodations and food. Provided that you can find a facility within your budget, this can make it easier to have money left at the end of each month and avoid the stress that can come with being on a budget.