What to Expect From an in-Home Assessment With a Home Health Care Company

If you would like to know more about home health care services, you can schedule an appointment for an in-home assessment. When doing this, a home health care company will meet at the home of the person who needs services. If you need the services, you meet at your home. If your parent needs them, you meet at your parent's house. Here are several things you should expect during an in-home assessment with a home health care company.

1. They Will Describe the Company and Their Services

The meeting will begin with the home health care worker describing their company, its values, and the services it offers. They might give you a brief history of the company, and they will explain their goals and objectives. During this time, you can ask questions about the company and services if you have any.

2. They Will Ask Questions About the Person Who Needs Services

Next, they will move on to the next part of the assessment, which involves the person who needs services. If your parent needs the services, you can be there with them to help with this meeting. They might speak to your parent or you during the meeting, depending on your parent's condition. They will want to know your thoughts about your parent's health and needs, and they might ask you what your main concerns are with your parent living alone.

3. They Will Ask Questions to Determine the Services They Need

They will also ask a series of questions to determine what services your parent will need the most. Here are some questions they might ask:

  • Does your parent have mobility issues?
  • Does your parent drive or need rides to places?
  • Does your parent need help bathing, cooking, or cleaning?

They will ask a lot of questions about your parent's needs to determine how to proceed with the services.

4. They Will Explain Their Recommendations

Finally, they will create a plan with recommendations. The plan will include the frequency of the services, such as two or four times a week. The plan will also include the types of services they will provide to your parent. You can modify the plan or accept it as it is, and you can begin the services as soon as you would like.

After meeting with a home health care company, you can decide how to proceed. If you would like to schedule an in-home assessment, contact a company today.